"Tree of Life" Studio has been founded with the unique purpose to deliver Bible's Truth to those people, who have not heard about Jesus Christ's salvation message yet, which is described on the pages of the Holly Book. Therefore, our main goal is to inform as big audience as possible; including people all over the World.

If you represent a channel or studio and would like to diversify assortment of programs shown, you are welcomed. We are always glad to cooperate. In case if you are a private party and would like to participate in our work or to promote it, write to us, and we promptly contact you back. All our work is voluntary and gratuitous. Video that we have, we mail for free. We also can provide with additional spiritual materials.
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You can send us all your questions to the address: , and we will get back to you with all information you interested in. Or you can send us your message, using the feedbacks form in section contacts.